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How it works, why it matters and the power of your role in it.


To better understand how Australian democracy works, we can measure each part against three criteria: is it free, is it equitable and is it fair?

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The backs of 10 people leaning filling out voting cards at MoAD.
An illustrated graphic reads Discover the A to Z of Australian referendums. The A and Z have a collage of images of people voting.


What is a referendum? Why should you care? How do you have a conversation about this stuff? We’ve broken down everything you need to know, from A to Z.

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Simple definitions don’t capture the complexity and opportunity of democracy. It’s an ongoing conversation with robust discussion and debate.

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Photograph of a person holding a senate paper.

Common good

Democracy relies on individuals contributing to society for the common good. But how much are we willing to contribute to our community, or see it change, to benefit others?


We expect to be treated equally regardless of background, age or gender. We aspire to equality but struggle with how to make it a reality. What does equality mean to you?


We want to be free to live how we choose. But in a democracy, freedoms are bound by laws, rules and social conventions. What happens when those boundaries are challenged?


Responding to a crisis requires collaboration across society. How we do this can create debate and disagreement. How do we find a way forward?

Defending democracy

When democracy is threatened, action is needed. But some actions may temporarily limit freedoms or require individual sacrifice. Where do we draw the line?