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Democracy: Our House, Our Voices



Digital experience



Students will step back in time to discover our Westminster traditions, connect with a selection of significant people who created change in parliament and consider the important role young people have in our democracy.

Students will:

  • visit special spaces throughout Old Parliament House 
  • consider historical events and meet significant people who have influenced our democracy 
  • engage with a variety of primary and secondary sources
  • actively participate in discussions and reflection
  • explore their rights and responsibilities in our democracy.

Key information

You will need a Zoom account connected to an interactive whiteboard in your classroom.

We will send you a Zoom link upon registration.

We offer test connections to any teachers who would like to check in before the program.

45 minutes


For engagement and meaningful interaction with students, we request a maximum of 30 students for each booking. Multiple class bookings can be made through the same form.

Please email or call 02 6270 8282 with any changes or cancellations.

Check our Terms and conditions for information about changing or cancelling programs.

This program is eligible for PACER if you're unable to book into an onsite program when travelling with a group to Canberra.