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How to make a zine

Zines are handmade, self-published magazines. They are a powerful way to share your thoughts and ideas.

Activity time: 30-60 minutes

Zines come in many shapes and sizes. They can be about anything you like:

  • stories
  • art
  • issues you care about
  • anything else at all. 

Make your own zine with paper and scissors and think about who you'd like to share it with – your friends and family, your school or your local member of parliament or even leave it on the bus for someone to find.  

If you are looking for some extra zine idea inspiration, have a look through our zine mind map. It might just help you create your own revolutionary response through the art of zine-making.  

Once you've finished your zine, share it with someone. Share it with a friend, family member or leave it on the bus, at school, the zine lounge at MoAD, or your send it to your local government representative.

Whoever it is, let them hear what you have to say. The more voices that are listened to, the more people will understand another’s experiences and the better society will be.