PlayUP craft

New craft activities every week.


PlayUP exhibition on Main Floor


10.30am - 12.30pm daily



PlayUP hosts craft activities from 10:30am to 12:30pm every day.  

Each activity is inspired by a different United Nations day or a national day of significance. PlayUP’s craft activities are suitable for young children and their adults and are supported by a facilitator. 

A table covered in coloured paper, feathers, scissors, glue, string and craft supplies.

A paper monkey, fish and medal.

Plan your visit

PlayUP is wheelchair accessible.

There is a screen at the entrance of the exhibition with changing colours in a hallway with dim lights. Some walls in the exhibition feature bright coloured wallpaper and artwork. Music plays in the first room of the exhibition space. The last room in the exhibition is a quiter space with dimmer lighting and no music.

There is a baby change facility and an all gender bathroom accessible from the exhibition.

Seating for both adults and children is available in all rooms.

Craft activities, books and interactive games are available in this exhibition. Craft equipment and materials suitable to different abilities are provided and facilitators can adapt craft activities for your needs.

There is an all gender accessible bathroom and parents room available via the corridor outside PlayUP.