King's Hall

The centre of the action.


Main floor

King’s Hall has always been the centre of the action. It was once home of the Parliament House Post Office, a place where journalists lingered for a scoop and where prime ministers brushed shoulders with the public.  


In this black and white photograph a beautifully decorated King’s Hall is packed with people. In the background and left of the frame people stand and chat on the edge of the dance floor while those in the centre of the image and on the right are dancing what appears to be a waltz. Princess Alexandra in a sparkling tiara is prominent in the centre of the crowd. The men are in tuxedos and the women wear evening dresses with elbow length white gloves.

A ball is held in King's Hall for the visit of Princess Alexandra of Kent in 1959. Tickets were offered to under 25s through a ballot to reduce the average age of the guest list. Photograph courtesy of Barbara Smith, Museum of Australian Democracy Collection

This black and white photograph shows a group of people standing at attention in King’s Hall while the announcement is read. The statue of George the Fifth looms over the group. Ther are seats behind the attendees,  including the Vice Regal Chair which would have been moved from the Senate Chamber. The men wear dark suits or military uniforms while the Governor-General’s wife, Lady Gowrie, wears a white formal dress, hat and gloves.

Governor-General Gowrie announces the abdication of King Edward VII and the accession of King George VI. This announcement occurred at 1.50am local time due to the time difference between London and Canberra. National Library of Australia

A bronze statue of a man with a cloak on a marble pillar in a room with timber floors.

Generations of journalists have leant against the toe of King George V, polishing it to a high shine.

Today, King’s Hall is a meeting place, a thoroughfare, a photo opportunity, home to exhibitions and festivals, and a spot to just sit and take it all in. 

A close up detail shot of a pendant art-deco style light.

Square and circular motifs are features of the architecture and furniture throughout Old Parliament House. They appear on balcony rails, floor design, light fittings and the gold decoration on the glass doors.

A group of visitors hold up their phones and film a performance with actors dressed as a chef, a hairdresser and a handyman inside King's Hall with a sign in the background that says The People's House.

Visitors gather in King's Hall for the Enlighten festival in 2023.

Plan your visit

Large groups of people can meet in this area, and it can be loud and busy at times.

There are seats to sit and rest.